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Childhood / Youth


– Learning issues
– Insomnia
– Phobias / Fears
– Irritable bowel
– Feelings of inferiority
– Choice of profession
– Disorientation



– Insomnia
– Phobias
– Irritable bowel
– Stress
– Family matters
– Questions of meaning
– Midlife Crisis



– Pain
– Insomnia
– Questions of meaning
– Fears
– Loneliness
– Irritable bowel
– Restlessness

The greater your challenge or your goals in your everyday life, the deeper the calm must be from which you tackle them.


What may sound paradoxical at first is easy to understand on closer inspection. And I can help you to understand it and to help you to put it into practice so that your joy of life remains high or increases.

No matter what your challenge is: phobia, fears, blockages or pain. When you really come to rest and rest turns into silence, suddenly things unimaginable can come true.

The same applies if you want to reach new goals or if you want to get clarity where your path leads. When you loose the fear of silence you will find clarity. Enduring clarity.

True silence or calm however occures only when you pause.

Therefore the first step is to Stop! The most important step. Allow yourself to get off the hamster wheel and lay the basis for the second step – Relax!. Because relaxation will follow almost automatically once you really stop. However, it is also important to implement the knowledge gained in those moments of silence. It is of no use to loose you in silence. Sustainability follows only with the final Go!. Hence, the third step is to get into action.

Hypnosis is a powerful and sustanable method. It is gentle and shows no negative side effects. Therefore, I use it in addition to elements of meditation, personality development or Yiquan Qi-Gong to accompany you effectively into the silence necessary you need to get into action.

How do I work?

In the Berne/Gürbetal region I work on the move, meaning that I come to you. In person or online. I’m ready when you need support for challenges in your everyday life or when you have new goals but don’t yet see the path towards it clearly yet.

 My work at the GastroPraxis Enge in Zurich continues within the practice premises.

Do what Lisa did...

Hypnotherapy and coaching have a lot to do with trust. Having said this, how do I gain your trust?

Well, do it like Lisa. She called without further ado to find out whether I am the right person for her challenge. Such a call of course is free of charge and absolutely non-binding. Try it : +41 76 324 94 07.

Naturally, you can also drop me a line and I’ll get back to you.

I look forward to your message or your call.

3 + 3 =

... or do it like Paul.

He was happy to get an audiovisual impression before he sent me a message. It made his decision easier to get into touch.

Either way: I do look forward to your message or call.